Heyyyyy everybody,

I’m not that great at writing, but here are some updates on the Kang Gang:

Dad Kang (J. P.) has a lot of white hair now which must mean he’s working pretty hard (he is). He’s still busy with being a pastor at Presby and teaching… I think? I don’t really know what’s going on with that, but he’s definitely taught Bible stuff at the Seattle School this past year. And of course, he and mom still got that side hustle My Mac Hero which is basically 5 stars on Yelp. So yeah, he has lots of jobs. BUT! That doesn’t mean he has no time to spend with his lovely family. He does the stereotypical dad stuff like building my halloween costume, watching football with Linus, and being a nerd with my homework/in general and all that, but he also makes a mean 김치 찌개. Lately, he’s been listening to random audiobooks at over twice the speed, reading random things about jazz and tech and watching random shows like The Good Place. He’s got all the new roundish-fruit-with-bite-in-it gear and never forgets to shower us to with love and weird information. That’s dad for ya, always at the bleeding edge of technology but not too good for dorky stuff, either.

Mom Kang (Keren) has also been very involved in the community this year, and is way worse than dad at suppressing signs of stress. Trust me, I bear the brunt of that. (JK, it’s all good. Although it doesn’t help that dramafever shut down.) What she wanted me to say about her was, “mom is now happily (finally) an intermediate tennis player at Amy Yee,” but what you don’t know is that she’s been playing three times a week and has sustained various minor injuries from doing so. She is also a board member of Seattle Music Partners which Olivia and I are both part of. In addition to that, she taught Sunday school for 1st–3rd graders, partly… okay, mostly, to watch over Linus’ behavior like a fierce mama hawk. And for once, she didn’t join the choir and starred with me in the Christmas play!! She would also like you to know that she continues to hold the fancy title of Operations Manager for MMH. She’s pretty great, but don’t tell her I wrote that. OH YEAH AND SOMEONE EXPOSED HER TO ESSENTIAL OILS SO OUR HOUSE SMELLS WEIRD ALL THE TIME NOW. YOU HAVE BEAN WARNED

Me Kang (Amanda) is confused… but who isn’t. Writing about myself makes me feel weird, but I kind of have to for this to work out. So. My favorite foods are steak and ramen and cheese and bacon, and my favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. I’ve also been watching FOTB, Modern Family, and, uh, glee. Somehow I made it to high school (RICE), and it’s actually not that bad. There’s just a lot of busy work, and sometimes it makes me wanna squish ppls heads. But my face made it into the news (scroll down)!! I’ve been having fun playing rec soccer with the Mt. Baker—wait for it—Big Hearts! Left D is the best. I also eat lunch with cool people that I like to believe are my friends, and I still play the flute for some reason. I also joined policy debate? It’s really hard (and tbh kinda cult-y), but also really fun, and has opened my eyes to a few of the many complexities of immigration. OOOOOH. #stayangry (it’s the only blog I regularly check, and it’s fantastic READ IT NOW)

Seester Kang (Olivia) is annoying, and the busiest Kang child. She’s already succeeding in her first year of MS at Washington Middle despite the fact that it is in a rough (like a loofah) patch, and I’m pretty sure the teachers I had in 6th grade like her better. She played up with the Golden Eagles, who made it to the soccer tournament finals in their division and came away with second place. Yay. I’m pretty sure she’s in at least two other sports, but like who knows. She plays violin in  WMS’ awesome music program, and likes reading graphic novels and collecting weird little objects that apparently hold a lot of meaning for her. She is now a cadette in her girl scout troop, so when it’s that time of year, you know where to get yer cookies. But at the end of the day, she hasn’t changed that much; still acting all cutesy and friends with practically everyone. We were also in the same Korean class this year, so she’s got a lot to hold over me.

Bother Kang (Linus) is one of two things in the way of us getting a dog. He didn’t move schools or anything, he’s just in 2nd grade. I can’t remember that much about him, so I now provide a quote from mom, “he’s just a boy… learning to… control his… body… yeah.” He’s gone on some cool field trips, and got to meet Doug Baldwin at school! For sports, he did soccer and basketball (fun fact: our parents had to drive at least one kid to soccer every day of the week during the season). He has also been grudgingly doing improv. He and mom are almost done reading the Gregor the Overlander series (read it), and he has kept a steady obsession with Legos (rip our feet), Steph Curry, football, and unfortunately, Fortnite dances. He can’t even do them right (rip our eyes). And to think… I could be having a dog instead.

In conclusion, we are alive, and we’ve done some interesting stuff this past year. We are grateful for all of you, because in these perplexing times y’all make our lives excitinger and meaningfuller. Thank you family, friends, fish, fields, food, and other things I can’t think of that start with f for giving us so much every day. Have a productive and hopefully (let’s be real, homework is a thing) relaxing holiday season! With other people! Eating food! WE LOVE YOU!!!

With love, joy, peace, hope, happiness, faith, etc.

Amanda, Olivia, Linus, Keren, and J. P.

P.S. Sorry my writing is so repetitive… and the people who make words are not doing a very good job. Also sorry for the excessive use of parentheses. What can I say except writing is hard? (Yes please, start singing Moana)